About Sharamit’s Vaidyalya

Sharamit’s Vaidyalya has been started with the sole objective of giving Genuine Ayurvedic Treatment and Products.

Sharamit’s Vaidyalya has an objective of providing faster relief to patients through combination Ayurvedic medicines and herbal supplements both of which do not have any side effect. Depending on the severity of the conditions the Ayurvedic medicine and herbal supplement are prescribed. We provide customized Ayurvedic Medicine to the patient after diagnosing Major and Minor ailment for a faster relief.

Our Doctor not only consults for all ailments, but also for
weight management, lifestyle improvement and healthy living,the process adopted is as prescribed in vedas.

Prakruti Analysis

Analyzation of Body-Mind Constitution

Chikitsa Sutra

Application of right treatment protocol

Vikruti Analysis

Analyzation of the diseases state of body

Ahara Vihar Pareeksha

Analyzation and correction of Diet and Lifestyle

Nadi Pareeksha

Pulse Analyzation

Rogi Pareeksha

Analyzation of Patient body and Psychological strength (BMI, WHR, BP, Pulse etc)

Roga Pareeksha

Analyzation of the Disease and its pathology

In addition to treatment we have large variety of personal care product which meets the hair care, skin care, face care and other requirements of modern woman naturally. These products are either Herbal or Organic.

We also offer large variety of health foods like natural juices, drinks and soups. we have Sugar free and low calorie products, slimming products, pain relief section, digestion improvement products.